Hidalgo Viego Historic District

Former Post Office of Hidalgo, Texas (1839) (A. Thomas).

The Hidalgo Viego Historic District, or Old Hidalgo, is located in Hidalgo, Texas. The district consists of six buildings from the late 19th century and include the Old Hidalgo County Courthouse and jail (1886), Post Office (1839), the Rodriguez Store (1890), the Odell Store (1889), and the Rodriguez Pioneer House.

Handmade bricks from Reynosa, Mexico (A. Thomas).

The former Post Office is constructed with handmade, fired bricks from the brickmason Juan Rios in Reynolsa, Mexico. The building appears to have a flat roof with a continuous parapet and a brick entablature with decorative brick dentils. The walls are done in the English bond system with alternating of headers to every five stretchers. The other five buildings were constructed in a similar fashion, likely using the same handmade bricks.

Weathering and decay have caused voids between the brick unitsĀ (A. Thomas).