My name is Alexis Thomas. I am a native of Washington. I spend my free time researching and writing about historic places, as well as playing video games and critiquing their architecture. I have 15 years experience in the cultural resource management and historic preservation fields. I have conducted field work in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Alabama, New York, Maryland, Nevada, California, Idaho, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. I specialize in Section 106 and Section 110 architectural assessment surveys, National Register of Historic Places nominations, and Historic American Building Survey (HABS) Level I, II, and III documentation projects. While my work largely entails documenting and evaluating historic period, built environment resources. I have a specific interest in historic highways and railroads and assessing the impacts of large scale projects on resources and adjacent landscapes. In addition, I can provide intensive archival/historic research and historic building renovation consultation.

For contracting inquiries: akthomas131@gmail.com.

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