FOUND: Inherited.

The Thompson is an American gun invented in 1918 by John T. Thompson. The gun gained popularity with gangsters during the Prohibition era. ┬áThe gun was sometimes referred to as the “Tommy Gun” among other names. The Thompson was used during World War II and many variants of the gun were developed over the years. ┬áThis particular gun was rarely shot and only by the best.

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FOUND: By my Mom while going through my Dad’s things.

I couldn’t find much on these in a quick internet search. I’m assuming the company is out of business and no longer making knives. There seems to be a modest cult following from perusing the forums. My Dad wasn’t necessarily a collector of knives but he had many and was always buying a new one. He gave me my first Columbia River Knife and Tool blade for Christmas several years ago. I still have it. And I’ve received more as the years went on.

Frontier Knife


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